A Tricky Technique to Land a Head Kick

How to Throw a Ninja Head Kick | Chaining Kicks With Punches

We all desire to land a head kick, but it can be tricky business. However, if there’s any one thing that can teach us about how to be tricky, it’s the same-side-chain strike. Ever heard of Andy Ristie? Well, if you haven’t, you should. He’s only one of two men to defeat the defensive mastermind and genius Giorgio Petrosyan. Prior to this defeat, Petrosyan held an awesome record of 76-1 with 2 draws. We’ll get deeper into this later.

Now’s about the demonstration below, and later is about the explanation below the demonstration


I’m sure you’ve pieced it together by now. Andy Ristie used something along the lines of same-side-chain strikes to take out Petrosyan. He used the same technique you just witnessed to gain many knockouts. He would throw a right knee or kick, and then immediately follow that with a right jab to the face. He can often catch his opponents completely off guard and knock them dead.

Another example of a same-side-chain strike breaching the defenses of a mastermind is Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman I. Weidman threw a right straight which was followed by a right backfist, a most odd pairing. However, it got the job done. Why is that? Because most fighters are used to slipping from left to right. Think about Silva’s fight with Forrest Griffin. Silva simply slipped from side to side and managed to make Griffin look like an elementary school kid fighting his dad.

It took the likes of Weidman to flush the Spider down the drain, and he did so with a somewhat ugly but effective same-side-chain strikes. So…here’s to same-side-chain strikes. May they serve you well. You might even dismantle some all time greats of your own. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

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