Fun Explosive Padwork Routine To Burn Fat and Sculpt Legs

Fun Explosive Padwork Routine To Burn Fat and Sculpt Legs

Do you remember when you used to just run and jump around a lot as a kid? What if I told you that you could burn fat while doing that and also develop some strong ass legs and bomb ass technique at the same time? Well, you can. If you’ve ever tried burpees, you know how taxing that little bit of jumping around can be. However…let’s be honest, burpees aren’t fun. In fact, they’re pretty damn boring.

Fear not. We’re here to solve those problems. I present to you…the fun, jumping, explosive, padwork routine of awesome:

Some good fun, no? Yes, it’s good fun. That’s always great to hear. This video is meant to illustrate the creativity you can apply to workouts. Find something boring? Maybe you can add in some type of explosion to make it more fun. Tired of jumping rope? Maybe turn it into intervals with high knees. Intervals has already been proven to be a much more efficient method in terms of burning calories. Occam’s razor. Why do with more that which can be done with less? And why make training boring and monotonous when you can make it fun and exciting?

However, this workout isn’t simply just playtime for adults, either. It is a legitimate technique building exercise.

Once in a blue moon, we’ll get a spectacular flying knee knockout. These things do happen, but they don’t happen that often. Why is that? Because people don’t throw them that often.

These are high-risk, high-reward techniques. However, if you practice them with enough vigor. Even throwing this technique will be enough to surprise your opponent. You may not even have to land it.

Think about Conor McGregor. How often do you see him land his wild spinning moves? Not much. But they push his opponents backwards towards the fence where the real fun can begin.

So. Try it. Have some fun with it. And kick some ass with it.

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