9 Plyometrics Exercises For Building Explosive Power

Building Explosive Power with Plyometrics

The ability to explode is at the core of almost all athletics.

Think of any popular sport and you will find that strong explosive power is almost always essential. It could be a basketball player driving to the basket, or a baseball player twisting their entire body to get a strong swing, or it could be a running back turning and evading with tricky footwork and precise explosive bursts. If you want to build such explosive power, then you need plyometrics.

Explosive power is as much a tactical skill as it is a physical advantage. Why? Because it’s a rhythm breaker. Stronger explosive power will give you more speed to play with. A fast drummer surely has more ability to manipulate rhythm than a slow drummer, because a fast drummer possesses more variations. If you can only move at a few speeds, you are easier to predict.

If you have explosive punches, you’ve got a lot of tools to play with; however, if you also have explosive kicks, then you have even more tools to play with. The more tools you have, the more variations you can create. You can create more combinations out of 4 punches than you can 2 punches, and you can create more combinations out of 5 punches than you can 4 punches.

Unpredictability and explosion are core components of athletics that give you an easier time getting a W on your record. However, if you can get explosion, you will surely have an easier time being unpredictable; furthermore, the more explosive you are, the more of a threat you can be with your power.

If you can move quick but punch no harder than a teddy bear, what good is that? Build explosion with plyometrics, become unpredictable, and get the win.


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