2 Minute Explosive Leg Workout

A Quick 2 Minute Leg Workout to Build Explosive Kicks and Quads

Who wouldn’t want to have explosive kicks and shredded quads? If you could workout, train your technique, and have baseball bats for kicks, why wouldn’t you? A simple swing of the leg would be like the swing of a halberd or a mace. Think back to the opening of The Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring, where Sauron was blasting through anyone and everyone with a single swing. That could be your leg. One kick to rule them all.

That is definitely a fun idea to play with in your head. However, is 2 minutes really enough? If you’re doing it right, yes. You’re a sprinter in this instance, not a marathon runner.

Now, like a sprinter, you must concentrate on maintaining peak form for every single second of your workout. The moment form starts to break down is the moment that your explosion begins to fade.

Good form comes first, then comes time to add in the power. If you add in power before form, well, that’s like driving a 500 horsepower car with flat tires.

Concentrate specifically on the pushes of your feet, if you can. Why? Because that’s a movement you will perform when you kick. You push off your legs to drive your kick deeper into your opponent or heavy bag.

Within each movement we present in our videos, there will be one small movement you can focus on that will build on a specific combat technique. If you focus on those small details, you can add tremendous power. Remember, activity and progress aren’t the same thing. Just

Remember, activity and progress aren’t the same thing. Just because you’re active, doesn’t mean you’re progressing. And just because you’re not as active, doesn’t mean you’re not progressing. Sometimes shortcuts are really just efficiency and effectiveness.





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