My Version of Saenchai’s Question Mark Kick

My Version of Saenchai’s Question Mark Kick

All techniques will inevitably require modification no matter how long it’s been around for. The jab is probably the most widely used technique in combat sports, and its variations are limitless.

Variations appear to fit into a given circumstance. You can view the question mark kick as a variation of a roundhouse kick by merging it with the chamber of a teep.

Variations are adaptations of certain techniques to fit into a particular context, and the context that the question mark kick fits into is one set by teeps. If the opponent sees your teep chamber, he will expect a teep; therefore, a simple switch to the question mark kick could end your opponent immediately.

The difference between the wrong technique and the right technique is simply often a matter of context. Check out the below video and think about how it fits into your arsenal of techniques:


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