RAGDOLL Anyone With This Muay Thai Dump

Nothing says dominant like ragdoll-ing another human being.

The components of this particular dump are simple. You push, pull, and bump. Simple is often what gets the job done. There is no need for complexity when simplicity works just as well.

However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. The components of this technique are few, and they all need to be woven tight, for one break in the chain means that you have nothing.

We, therefore, need to observe each component carefully and break it down simply. That is exactly what this video aims for, and Jeff presents it within two scenarios which you will often be in. They’re some of the most common clinch scenarios, so you know damn well that this technique will come in handy.

Now the onus is on you to practice the technique, then you may ragdoll any human being who dares step in your way:

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