Pendulum Sweep Tutorial

The ability to change your position in grappling is of the utmost importance.

Who would not desire to have the high ground in a battle? We all would.

However, how one goes about executing such a tactic is another matter altogether. But luckily, the art of the sweep was invented.

Today we shall peek at a sweep from the guard position. It is a pendulum sweep, and it does have quite a few moving parts to it. Don’t let this deter you.

Once learned, it will feel incredibly simple, and it shall be incredibly effective.

The art of grappling is, like striking, the art of positioning. Once the ability to transition from position to position, from low ground to high ground, is mastered, then the world opens itself up to you. Many effective strategies, tactics, and tools are at your disposal.

But before we stray too far, let’s learn the sweep:

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