MMA Lockdown Chain Attack

We’ve seen the brilliant effectiveness of chaining strikes together in Muay Thai, but today we look at chains in BJJ.

When you chain techniques together, you open more opportunities for attack and defense. With more opportunities comes greater unpredictability.

Unpredictability is what allows for effective striking, and this same rule is true of grappling. When you’re predictable in striking, you become a heavy bag. When you’re predictable in grappling, you become a grappling dummy.

However, if you’re unpredictable…you become like a snake. In the below video, we take a familiar position and do something unconventional. We make the familiar unfamiliar.

But don’t worry. This technique will be familiar to you because…well…because you’re reading this and watching the video. The specific principle and idea you should be thinking of when watching this video is how to take an opponent’s defense and turn that into a set up for your offensive techniques. Think about that as you watch the below video:

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