Butterfly Sweep Tutorial

Basics win fights.

Sometimes all it takes to get the knockout is a 1-2 combination. In grappling, sometimes all it takes to get the pin or submission is a simple technique you learned your first day on the mat.

Today, we introduce the basic butterfly sweep. It’s an incredibly simple and effective sweep. However, you must pay attention to the little details.

For every technique, there will be a position you must be in in order for this technique to be effective. The position is outlined in the below video: it’s the under-hook. Simple.

This is a technique with simple and few steps; therefore, it is a technique that can be executed with tremendous speed. The faster the technique, the easier it will be. But, of course, you must practice it slowly before going full-speed.

However, once you’ve got the technique down, feel free to up the speed and ragdoll opponents:


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