Conor McGregor’s Corkscrew Uppercut

KO Anyone with Conor McGregor’s Corkscrew Uppercut

Benson Henderson, Prince Naseem, Conor McGregor. These are just 3 of the fighters who love using the corkscrew uppercut.

This technique does require a degree of athleticism. It’s best used with great explosion. However, this isn’t a technique that is exclusive to those with extreme explosive capabilities. This is a tricky technique you can use to catch anyone off guard.

If you need a trick to enter boxing range or close distance in a rapid and surprising fashion, this technique is for you.

To master the corkscrew uppercut, one must pay extremely close attention to its details. Specifically, one must pay attention to its weight transfer. The quality of your weight transference is what makes of break a punch; therefore, one must pay close attention to where one places their weight.

If you transfer your weight correctly, you’ll get a beautiful punch. We’ll guide you through it:


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