Saenchai’s Scissor Kick

Learn the Famous Saenchai’s Scissor Kick

If you don’t know who Saenchai is, you should.

Saenchai is the greatest active Muay Thai fighter there is. He’s fought the best of the best ever since he was in his teens. He’s fought hundreds of opponents, and he has beaten just about every single champion that’s appeared in his career.

Basically, he’s the best. And it never hurts to learn from the best.

Today, we will examine one of his many signature moves: the scissor kick.

Saenchai’s athleticism allows him to throw this kick with blinding speed. However, you don’t need to have Saenchai’s athleticism. It’s easy to get lost in his talent, but there is a clear method to his kick.

The scissor kick seems flashy, but it’s really just a skip combined with a kick. When you understand its simplicity, you’ll find that greatness can be emulated:

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