How to Throw a Roundhouse Kick

How to Throw a Roundhouse Kick

Few things get more basic than the roundhouse kick. However, the variations that can get you the finish are plenty. In this video, we examine 2 roundhouse kick variations. They each have their own pros and cons and situations, as all techniques do.

To utilize any technique effectively, one must find the proper situation. Jabs are the best tool a fighter can have, but would a jab be any good if you’re clinching? Not really. Would a spear knee be useful at kicking range? Nope. This is why variations of techniques come about.

If the jab won’t work in the clinch, how about a push followed by a stiff arm? That’ll work great. For the roundhouse kick variations, we look at one thrown horizontally which would break any man’s arm if thrown hard enough. Then we take a peek at a vertical variation which can cut through any guard:

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