Roundhouse Kick Defense: 2 Simple and Effective Counters

2 Counters to the Roundhouse Kick

Can you stop your opponent from breaking your ribs?

We all want to answer, “yes,” but can we all answer, “yes”? If your experience says that you can, congratulations. If your experience says that you can’t, now’s the time to learn.

The roundhouse kick is one of the most basic and common techniques you will see; therefore, the defense becomes just as important. Defense should always begin with high-frequency and high-percentage techniques. In other words, ask yourself what technique you see most, then learn the defense to those techniques. However, there’s more to learn than defense.

Defense is worthless if all you’re doing is preventing yourself from being hurt. You’re making your defense worthless if you don’t pair it with offense. If you can defend it, you can counter it.

In the below video, you will be taught not just defense but effective countering. Now, break a leg. Or a rib:


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