How Chris Weidman Knocked Out The Greatest Fighter of All Time

Knocking out whom many consider to be the greatest fighter of all time is no easy feat. However, even though we might not be able to use it to knock out all time great fighters, we can still use it in our own training, sparring, and fighting.

This is a perfect technique against a fighter who loves head movement. Why? Fighters expect left-right-left-right combos. Think about most combinations you know. Jab-cross-hook is a predictable combo. First, you’ll come left, then you go right, then you go left again. Easy to read, easy to dodge.

But what happens if we mix it up by going left-left or right-right? The result is UFC 162, Chris Weidman knocks Anderson Silva senseless. This might not seem like a technique that would work, but UFC 162 has claimed otherwise. Give this a try in sparring against a tough-to-hit opponent and you may find yourself hitting them often:

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