4 Advanced Power Striking Combos

Image result for chris weidman anderson silva gif Want to land the KO? Use these combos.

Basics are important, but advanced techniques can be surprising. Think about it this way. You’ve drilled how to parry jabs, yes? You’ve drilled how to block hooks. You’ve drilled how to defend and counter roundhouse kicks. But what about a superman punch? What about a jumping knee?

If you can master one of these techniques, you will catch your opponent off guard. Furthermore, 2 of the combinations double up on techniques from one side, meaning that the combination will go left-left or right-right. This will catch your opponent off guard. Most combinations go left-right-left-right. Anderson Silva was KOed because Chris Weidman doubled up on his right side. By doubling up, Anderson was thrown off balance and unable to defend the left hook or even see it coming.

Now, try out these combos and go KO some opponents.

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