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Email Whitelisting

Thank you for subscribing to MMA Shredded!

What is “whitelisting”? What’s in it for you?

Whitelisting is simply a way for me to communicate with you easier and vice versa. Emails will go straight towards your inbox without being mistakenly marked as spam. But what other benefits are there?

Whitelisting MMA Shredded will…

  • Ensure that you NEVER miss a new video.
  • Ensure that you NEVER miss new workout or dieting tips.
  • Ensure that you NEVER miss out on discounts and sales (I PROMISE only to recommend programs or products that I’ve TESTED myself).
  • Ensure that you can ALWAYS have access to me whenever you need (if you’ve got a complaint or recommendation, you’ve got my email).


  • 1. Find an email from MMAShredded (for example, your welcome email).
  • 2. Click and drag it into the “Primary” tab.
  • 3. When “do this for future messages from” pops up, click “yes.”

I will be adding more “How to Whitelist” for different emails. If yours isn’t on here, a simple googling should do the trick. E.g. “whitelisting Yahoo,” “whitelisting Hotmail,” whitelisting Outlook,” etc.


(If you enjoyed the workout I sent you, keep an eye on your email inbox because I’ll be sending more awesome videos to help you get a chiseled fighters physique!)

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