Welcome to <span>MMA Shredded! </span>

Welcome to MMA Shredded!

Transform your body into a MMA fighters physique while building explosive, powerful muscles and burning fat like it’s your job!

About Jeff

A little background on MMAshredded's Jeff Chan

My goal was once to work in law enforcement, which led me to strive both physically and mentally. In attempt to stay active for a career in law enforcement, I involved myself in many physical activities such as martial arts, weight lifting and yoga. I then fell in love with martial arts & fitness and have decided that I want my life to be about fitness. MMA Shredded was then created, with a mission to help others benefit from training martial arts and to reach their health & fitness goals just as I have.


For a decade now, I have been training various martial arts (Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, Judo and Krav Maga) and for over half of those years I have been instructing and competing. The intense training has helped me acquire important characteristics such as confidence, self control and discpline. Furthermore, training has given me the ahtletic ability and skills to defend myself and others. Training in martial arts has taught me a multi-dimensional realm of fitness such as different types of aerobic and anaerobic training, as well as the knowledge to gain weight,  lose weight/dieting, gain explosive power & strength, and to get MMA Shredded! Not only will you look athletically pleasing, but you will gain respect from others for the knowledge you will gain and the intense training you go through!


I am currently a professional MMA fighter fighting out of Lin Martial Arts (formerly the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts/team Renzo Gracie), with a lengthy record of amateur Kickboxing/Muay Thai bouts in Canada, US and Thailand. There are various reasons why fighters compete. However, I compete as a way to test myself and also as a way to provide credit for the knowledge I share on MMA Shredded. In the end, competing and training is just a passion & hobby to me, just as it can be for you!